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The Real Deal Joins With Eastern Union Funding, Introduces Comprehensive Directory to the Real Estate Market

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Real Deal goes live with real estate directory, powered by Eastern Union Funding

In an age where information is disseminated and absorbed within seconds of its release, the real estate market has been a looming dinosaur and an exception to technological advancements achieved in other markets.


The reasons for the tech-weary pace vary from outdated business models to concerns that digital triumphs would automate the industry. But with a working philosophy that providing resources to clients magnifies the consultation its brokers can deliver, Eastern Union makes a push for innovative resources to complement the human touch, trusted advice and loan execution with which its name is synonymous. 


True to form, Eastern Union, the fastest growing commercial mortgage brokerage serving the national real estate sector has teamed up with The Real Deal, rolling out one of the more comprehensive Commercial Real Estate Directory databases available at no cost.   


The complimentary product contains contact information of thousands of real estate professionals, with thousands more expected to sign up. Appraisers, attorneys, mortgage brokers, environmental and engineering inspectors, insurance agents and sales brokers populate the massive data tool.


In addition, the directory offers background on recent activity of sales brokers, with more information available on recent listings and closings. It also includes a search engine and a “filter by industry” option.


“We want the real estate community to have this,” said Eastern Union Managing Partner and Co-Founder Abraham Bergman. “It’s great for the individual who wants the information, and it’s great exposure for the company to let the world know what we’re capable of and skim the surface.”


Upon viewing the directory, qualified real estate professionals are also given the option to add their own contact information. That gives the tool not only a crowd-sourcing trait – it also affords un-capped growth potential for the digital real estate yellow pages.


“The reason we’ve been so data-heavy all along has been to complement our service to clients, which is still the case. Today we’re pleased to announce we are translating the intelligence, the intelligence people rely on us for, to a bigger audience,” said Eastern Union CEO Avrom Forman.



About Eastern Union Funding: Founded in 2001, Eastern Union Funding is a leading national commercial mortgage brokerage firm, employing over 100 real estate professionals who, using their extensive knowledge of the market, share lender and market data and utilize state-of-the-art proprietary technology to capitalize on deep relationships with more than 85 local and national lenders. Eastern Union’s real estate professionals bring clients the very best rates and terms the market has to offer, acting as trusted advisors who operate on the simple premise that client needs come first. Eastern Union’s arsenal of lending sources enables the company to arrange financing for complex, multi-state, multi-site portfolios, as well as loans for smaller, single-property transactions. The company consistently places an average of a quarter of a billion in new loans every month. Eastern Union, which operates nationwide, is headquartered in New York, with offices in New Jersey and Maryland. For more information, please visit: http://www.easternuc.com/

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